~The Better Twin ~

Mackenzie Faulker
Vital statistics
Title The Sweet
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 5'2"
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Gray
Race Wizard
House WIP
Year Seventh
Wand Laurel
Wand Arm Left
Family Her sister, her parents
Affiliation(s) Self

About Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Faulker is a Pure-Blood witch in her seventh year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. She is in WIP House.

Mackenzie and Mackayla Faulker were born to Isabella and Vincent Faulker by accident. It was one drunked night that was never supposed to happened. One night were all their lifes were turned around and that they were going to reget their wholes lifes. They had been conceved in a night of parting celebrating that they have finally graduated from Hogwarts. They were in their moment, nothing could stop them or so they thought. As soon as Isabella found out that she was pregnate, she started to blame her self for getting pregnate but as soon as she told Vicent, he was more than happy that their love have blossomed into a child. She was happy that Vincent had taken everything so good. When they found out that they were having twins, they couldn´t belive it but they thought that more the merrier. Mackenzie and Mackayla had everything a child could ask for and more. They grew up in home full of love even though they were not wanted or so they though. They never heard the fights that their parents had at night. normally it was about money or simple little things like Mackayla or Kayla as they called her had been bad or that Mackenzie or Kenzie had broken an expensive plate. The fight became more often as the girls recebed their letter to Hogwarts and started their first year. And finally their marrige ended on the girls second year, Vicent took Kenzie and Isabella took Kayla. This arregenmt didn´t bother the girls too much as they were sorted into different houses being separeted all the time at Hogwarts.  But then when at the time for Christmas, all they could think about was each other. At their 5th year Kayla started to change, she cutted her hair to a boyish look and started to rebel agains society, Kenzie and their parents. She started to get out of control. Now in their seventh year, Kenzie can no longer stand Kayla and vice versa.


She is always happy trying hard for everyone around her,exept for Kayla. Kenzie has given up on her a long time ago, she tryed to help her before the whole thing blew up.  She tried to ignore her sister as much of posible which is too easy since they are both on different houses and live on different houses over the summer. This year she is breaking out of her shell and becoming more outgoing.


  • Mackenzie's Patronus is a bear
  • Her model is Miley Cyrus
  • She is single