~ The Weird one in the Family~

Jesica Thirlwall
Vital statistics
Title The Stranger
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 4'2"
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Race Wizard
House Ravenclaw
Year Adult
Wand Laurel
Wand Arm Left
Family None that she acknoleges
Affiliation(s) Self

About Jesica.

Jesica Thirlwall is a Pure-Blood grad of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. She was in Ravenclaw.

She was born in the Thirlwall, their first girl. They pamped her though all of her childhood and part of her teenage years. She grew up sorround by love and support. She rounded the big Thirlwall mansion, always being kind to her familie´s worker. Even she played with the kids of the maid. That was until she was 4 when she was indroduced to the Dark Side of her family. At first she was scared and suprised. She though her family was not that kind of Pure-Blood family. Her parents encoraged her to become a Dark Wizard and in time they where going to regret it. At a very young age she started to rebel agains her parents. She knew that this could bring her a lot of trouble but she didn´t want to become like her family, especially like her parents. She tried to be the opisite of everything her family was. When she receved the letter from Hogwarts, she though "Finally a place where I can be myself" and she did. She was sorted into Ravenclaw and as soon as her parents found out they were really mad.. For them a Ravenclaw as a weak person.To date their was no a Hufflepuff in the Thirlwall. Her mother, father and her sister Lean were Slytherins and her grandmother, aunt, uncle and sister Jade were Gryffindors.That was the momment that her familly realiced that this Thirlwall was different. She meet her great friends at Hogwarts, at their thrid year to be exact and from that momment she never spened a momment without them. Even though they were from 3 different houses and 3 different personalities they somehow complemented each other. Her family told her that when she graduated Hogwarts, she had spend 2 years without a job and that she will be living of the riches of the family. So that was she did, but now it was time to start working. She hopes to be an Auror.


She can be cunning when the time is right but it´s a sweethearth and real attlete. She just hopes to live up to her father Auror greatness. She is very sweet and careing at times but this can change if you betray her.


  • Jesica's Patronus is a Wolf
  • Her model is Isabelle Fuhrman
  • She is single 
  • She is great friends with Natalie Fiona Winters and Aria Stone